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Website is a marketing machine that works 24/7 for you. Through this article you will learn how to keep your website active as a marketing tool. The most important part of digital marketing is an inbound lead and a company sales is directly connected to how many qualified leads it is attracting. So let’s learn what to do in order to make your website a marketing monster and attract more qualified leads.

Have someone that is responsible for your website

For most companies it is unclear who is responsible for their websites. Therefore, websites become forgotten and end up with old information and news. For other companies, IT departments run their websites, however, updating new information and constantly upgrading websites are not their job. So there needs to be someone in charge of it, especially someone in a marketing department. But having a certain person is not enough, so connect it to his/her job and that will be the first step of making your website a marketing monster.

Facebook pixel code

Facebook itself or website itself cannot fully represent digital marketing. Both of them needs to be together if a company wants more positive results. Facebook pixel code can divide users by what type of web page they are interested in. So you can constantly determine how many users are visiting your website and how many people are interested in your products and services.

Directly contacting customers through a website

Contacting customers through a website is almost impossible for most companies. There are only three types of indirect contact choices for users: leave comments on contact section, calling directly to the company and messaging through social media. The easiest way to contact users through website is by connecting it to Facebook messenger. By doing so, contacting users will be much easier and faster connecting them through an email.

Content content content

You see information such as, we are the company of the year or we helped this charity or we collaborated with this company all the time on almost every company website. Even though these information are necessary for an introduction, they will not affect the increase in users interests on company service and products. The most important thing that makes a website a marketing monster is to provide it with information and content that will attract consumers. Users read a single company post at a time on Facebook, but websites enable them to learn much more information.


Contents and a structure of a website should always lead customers to the product and service companies are offering. Rather than forcing your products and services to consumers, a website should explain reasons why your products and services are better and why consumers should choose them. A company should gain a trust of customers with its website. As mentioned earlier, a website always needs to suggest useful information about its company to people who are visiting for the first time. So, is your website operating as instructed? If the answer is NO, then try following our suggestion.

Landing page, thanker page

Contents need to vary depending on the value. After seeing contents users need, they should be on the landing page that offers personal contents that users can download. By doing so websites only get information of the target audience so that companies can only pay attention to their intended audience.


The most important thing of a landing page is the form. Filling up a form enables customers to download contents they need from your page and companies are able to receive inbound leads. Email information can determine if a lead has a potential to have higher qualities. In digital marketing, if there is no form there is no inbound lead and if there is no inbound lead there is no users.

Lastly, be consistent

Television commercials aim to introduce their products and services, but they also want customers to remember their products on a daily basis. If you do not connect with your customers frequently, they are easy to forget. Therefore, rather than posting randomly on your page and forgetting about it for a while, you should post and make useful contents frequently. By following our instruction, your website will be a marketing monster.

If you want your company to have its own marketing monster, please contact us. We not only offer websites, but also more other digital marketing services.