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In 21st century there is no company that does not have a website. Almost every company has the same way to start: have its own brand and stamp, get a company account, open an email and hire programmers to build a website. But in most cases, companies do not fully understand the practical use of websites and often end up forgetting to manage them completely.

If you are not using your website or considering to have one, we recommend this article. If you want to make your website a marketing tool, it should fulfill these requirements.

Phone and tablet friendly

If users want to have more information about your company, he/she searches it on Google. However, in 2015, Google announced if a website is not tablet and phone friendly, it will rank the lower. This rule only applies to phones and tablets, but how many people are using them to search for information? In recent studies, 5 billion people are using smartphones. Therefore, if your website is tablet and smartphone friendly, more people are able to see your website.

How to know if your website is responsive?

It is easy to know if your website works on every device. First go to your website, press Mouse 2 and choose the inspect option. Press this button, which is on the top left side of the sub menu. By doing so, you can see a section of device choices so you can know which device is friendly to your website.

Website blog and online advice

Website is an important information sharing tool of your company, so it should be updated with new information constantly. But how many companies update it or how many companies provide necessary news to their users constantly? Most companies contacted us share information persistently only on Facebook. Posts shared on Facebook will be forgotten after some time. However, good contents on your website increases your SEO rank and users can easily find a 10 year old information from your website.

Landing page and forms

Do you know who visited your website and what they did on your page? Can your website track its users and their information? These questions are related to the landing page and its form. If your website has landing page and form, you can easily know who are visiting and what they are doing on your website. Based on that information you can do Facebook commercials. By doing so you can reach target audience in a short period  of time and increase your sales. 

Ease of use

Lastly, are you managing your website how you want? Can you do little changes without ruining its big picture? Are you looking for a web developer to upgrade old designs and information of your website? Because of these questions, we offer WordPress to build a website. With WordPress, clients can develop their own websites without others’ help. For example, if you think your website design is outdated, you can easily change it without hiring a web developer.

Check if your website has these features. If not, please add them to use your website to use it to its full potential.

These features can turn a website into a marketing tool. You should also focus on its technological aspect such as, speed and protection.