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Let’s talk about web design trends of 2018.

Wide text

Widening main texts is a major trend in 2018. Do not bore your audience with small long texts, instead make your main sentence that answers the question with bold and big attention grabbing design.

Vibrant color choice

In 2017, minimalist, flat styled designs were popular, but in 2018 vibrant color choices are taking over. Vibrant colors represent confidence, so use them to gain users trust and attention.

Patterns, lines and shape

A little decoration of a website such as, patterns, lines and shapes were a trend in 2016 and it is becoming a trend this year again. Use those little decorations to break your boring plain website background.

Special icons and description

Do not use icons and pictures from the internet. Instead use personalized ones for your company’s website. Because best of the bests are using them, so do not miss this trend.


Animation makes the website more alive and gives it some character. Add animations to your icons and patterns to give your users a more interesting virtual world.

Does not need to be 100% consistent

Websites do not have to be 100% consistent with boring formulaic build. Spontaneity is having a great impact in 2018; fresh designs are attracting more and more people. But use it carefully.

Call-to-Action Button

Website is a tool of marketing and it is deeply connected to the sales. Call- to-Action button is necessary to attract customers and connect your products and service to website users. If your website does not have a Call-to-Action button, start using it in 2018.

Guide your website users

Web design is not all about design. Even if a website has a great design, if it does not guide its users well, customers may only be attracted to its design and not interested in the important aspects of your business such as, products and service.

Therefore your website needs a system that leads your users to products and services you are offering. By doing so, your website becomes a sales machine.