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As the effectiveness of Facebook marketing increases, companies are starting to hire social media managers and paying attention to the customers. However, Facebook is not the only method of digital marketing. Unfortunately people mostly pay attention to the social media aspect of marketing.

People are missing out on using a WordPress website for effective marketing campaigns.


The more content your brand has on different platforms, the more likely people will see them. Facebook has 2 billion users, but it does not mean everyone is using it on a daily basis. If your target audience does not use Facebook or social media, the only way to share your contents is through a WEBSITE.

For example, people use Google when they have something they want to know. You can rank higher on Search Engines if you have a website. It is complicated to read outdated news and information from social media platforms, whereas websites have an archive of content in an organized system.

Make it easier for people to see your content

When you are using Facebook to promote your content, one disadvantage is not being able to share other important pieces of information easily and seamlessly.

However, through a website, you can guide your readers and viewers to another blog article that is related to what you are sharing and promoting.

Attract, convert and delight your inbound leads

Inbound leads are people who are intending to buy your products and services. The main purpose of digital marketing is to attract, convert and delight those people who are interested in your company. Spreading content through social media platforms is a great way to attract and delight inbound leads, but tracking them can be a problem.

A website is the best digital marketing tool to attract, convert and delight an inbound lead. Because if a website focuses on user experience and ease of use, visitors become inbound lead.

User tracking

Facebook pages track users who liked and shared your Facebook page and its content, but it cannot track people who have saw your posts in detail. However, websites can keep track of inbound leads and know what they saw and what they are most interested in.

In case you are interested in developing a website that has Hubspot marketing integration, check out our services.

Creating an email list

Because companies do not have an email list, they usually use an expensive mass emailing service. But it is not the best option. Either those emails are sent to the spam folder or they are not opened. Mass mail is like talking to a wall, and it is pointless. However, if you have a website, you can categorize your audience depending on their interests which enables you to do targeted email marketing.

We use Mailchimp and website forms to sort out inbound lead emails. As a result you will be able to send emails to your target audience and Mailchimp can send an email up to 2000 people for free.

Lastly,digital marketing is not a short term project. Companies need to use various platforms from social media to website as a content sharing tool for better results.