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Usually companies who wants to build their website do not fully understand its purpose and potential. Therefore, people usually assume a website as an expense rather than an investment.

So, people who contact us usually ask “ How much a website with only few pictures and texts cost?”. We instead offer a high quality website that is fully functional and beneficial rather than a website with only few pictures and texts. We should not focus on the money we are spending on the website, but on how it will give you your return on investment in your future.

A website with good design equals to a good business

The design and look of a website is very important. Wasting money on websites with color scheme and letter size choices, unproportional images would not be a good investment. Consumers’ satisfaction and business value will grow if the company has a well designed website. If a company has a website with proper and correct information, consumers will pay more attention on products that company is selling.

Effective websites constantly give users the necessary information

Website is an information sharing tool like television, FM radio, magazine and social media platforms. The difference is if you want to share information on television and FM radio, it cost will cost you. So does social media platforms such as Facebook. Whereas websites provide users with useful information for free as long as you have web-site hosting and domain registered. Constantly giving the necessary information to the consumers means successful market in the future. So if you want to successfully manage a high quality website, you should constantly create a good content.

Create an inbound lead using a website

Do you know who visited your website for what purpose?

Without knowing these information, you cannot determine how many potential users you are losing. You need to learn the concept of inbound lead to have those information.

Inbound lead means people who are visiting your website for the first time and opting in their personal information such as their names, email addresses and contacts in order to download what they need. Not only email marketing and social media marketing can be done using these information, but also you can track what products and service your consumers are interested in. 

 For more information on inbound lead use this link.

Effective website increases the market

You can attract strangers to your website and make them inbound leads by providing information and content they want so that you could track what they need. Therefore you should offer service and contents that fit inbound leads in order to increase their market.

Connect your website to digital marketing tools such as Hubspot, Google Analytic, Mailchip, SEO to use your website in its full potential. By doing so the website will be more effective with a little cost.

If your website with a few texts and images does not help your business to grow, why you need it? Remember, every expense in business must lead to more beneficial outcome.

Marketing can influence sales

With traditional levels of marketing, companies cannot determine how many people used their service after seeing their Billboards ads. Whereas, through websites, companies can check which content or article is the most accessed and how many people are getting their service or products after accessing their website. Websites not only can be a business card that represents your company’s values, but also it is a bridge that connects the company to the consumers. If a company cannot use information to increase its sales, it is not using the website to its full potential.

Lastly, website is not a thing with a few texts and pictures that hardly need editing. You learned many possibilities how to change the expenses of websites into assets. Now if you are deciding to make a website, will you see it as an expense or as an investment.