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Let’s create our own websites using WordPress

In today’s society, where not only every company but also almost every individual has a website, the usage of website is increasing significantly day by day. Majority of today’s activities such as reading news, selling products, socializing and even playing video games are connected deeply with websites. But what to do if a person does not know a programming language and hiring someone who does is way too expensive? If that is the case, WordPress will help you. WordPress is a platform with a simple function that includes basic elements of creating and managing a website. According to 2018 studies, 30 percent of all websites were based on WordPress and 50000 new websites are created, 2.5 billion articles are posted and 3 billion comments are written everyday on WordPress. Everyone of this number shows how successful this CMS platform is and how broad of a market it has.

Why you should use WordPress to create a website?

WordPress is SIMPLE

The biggest difference from other programming softwares is the simpleness. The only word consumers happily describe their experience with WordPress is EASY: easy to install, use and expand.

WordPress is free to use

Everyone who wants to create their own website on wordpress.org can easily install the latest version of the software for free.

Constant upgrades

Compared to other CMS platforms, WordPress does constant upgrades.

Installing additional programs

You can install every kind of additional programs and plugins that would help your website to develop. For example: running an online shop, having a discussion, uploading a video and creating a subscription.

Help and support

If you have something you do not know or understand about it, there are thousands of professionals, experts and experienced users that would help and support you 24/7.
So use this simple and easy software for free to create your own or your company’s website to save your money and time.

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